WordCamp Europe 2015 Challenge

I'm very happy to announce that I will be representing ibericode during this year's WordCamp Europe in Seville, Spain (for which we are a small sponsor as well). It's the perfect place to talk to you about our existing plugins, the changes we're working on and to answer any questions you might be having.

For example: did you know that we are working on an improved WooCommerce integration for our MailChimp for WordPress plugin? Make sure to ask me about it when we meet!

Let's play a game!

I would like to invite you, fellow WordCamp goer, to a little game. We figured it would be a fun way to get to know you a little better and to introduce our new name to you. Here are the rules:

Ines in ibericode shirt

  • Find me during WordCamp Europe. I will be wearing a white t-shirt with the ibericode logo on it so I'll be easy to spot, and I'll be around all three days (including Contributor Day).
  • Take a selfie with me. Make sure the ibericode logo is clearly visible in your picture!
  • Tweet your photo using @ibericode and the hashtag #WCEU. Make sure to give us a follow too!

That's it! The first 20 people to take a selfie with me and tweet it, will be declared a winner. And what do winners get? Prizes, of course!

What's there to win?

We're going to be very generous here. Each person that is declared a winner by us gets a free single site MailChimp for WordPress license. You read that right! You'll get a full year of Pro support and access to the newest features. All that, just by saying hi! :)

For those of you that already have a plugin license (thank you!), we will extend it for one year or give you an additional site activation, whichever you prefer!

See you in Sevilla!

(PS. For the sake of clarity, here's a little disclaimer: the free license you'll receive is valid for one year only. After a year you will need to renew if you want to keep on receiving plugin updates. Not to worry though: renewal costs are very reasonable and we'll send you a timely reminder so you have time to consider.)